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The Family

Zuidasfamily wants to connect people on the Zuidas. This is the reason it was founded. The Zuidas family now has a considerable number of members who would like to create/further the quality of life and the neighborhood feeling.

People of different cultures live in the Zuidas.

The Zuidasfamily  seeks the connection between Business & Family. This is done by the different to do activities that are offered. For example, there was neighbors day, come and play outside! King's Day at the Gerschwinplein and other activities. Keep an eye on the site and join us!  


The Zuidas family wants to connect people through encounters. 

And increase the quality of life in the neighborhood in the bustling and sometimes hectic Zuidas.


The Zuidas is very diverse in various respects.

Where it first consisted of an (international) business center and the associated building plans and activities, in recent years it has become more of a living area with a better view of housing, green areas and water features for the neighborhood and residents.

An area with more than 2300 homes and still counting.. 

The Zuidas is surrounded by art, nice restaurants, sports and leisure facilities.

Last year alone, more than 100 families moved to the Zuidas and you are one of them! This only makes it more livable and more fun in the Zuidas.


If we look at the classical musician Gustav Mahler, after whom the main street is also named, who wanted a symphony to encompass a 'whole world'.

This is now not happening through his music, but with this part of Amsterdam.


The Municipality of Amsterdam therefore calls it “a city district with international allure”.

“a city district with international allure”

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